Further to the case of serial child sex-offender Peter Whitmore

“Many Saskatchewan residents are angry and in disbelief following news that a plea bargain has been offered to Peter Whitmore, accused in the kidnapping and sexual assault of two boys nearly a year ago.

But there has also been some hesitancy to condemn the announcement Wednesday by a Saskatchewan Justice Department official that an offer is on the table for Whitmore to plead guilty to the most serious charges, and accept a life sentence with parole eligibility in seven years.” [my emphasis on the last bit]

Bargain, indeed! This man is has shown himself nit just to be a serial sex-offender, but one that does not regard his responsibilities while on parole to be of concern. He is and should be officially labelled a “Dangerous Offender”.
To refresh your memories, this man, while on parole last summer, kidnapped and sexually assaulted two boys.
Life sentence is not “seven years”… While I agree that certain offenders might have committed a serious offence (say as a child or youth) and might just be rehabilitated enough to joing society after a “suitable” stretch of time behind bars, anyone who commits a serious offence against a child AND repeats his offence, should not be elegible for parole…. EVER. No bargains, no “agreements”, period.
Yes, I understand that in certain cases, the only way to get a conviction for crimes might be to offer a plea bargain in exchange, say for the location of a body or an admission to further crimes. However, “bargain” should not be a “get out of jail” card. This is hardly the case in these circumstances. No “circumstantial evidence” in this case….
Throw away the key.

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