Can you say "Dorian Gray"?

Barbara Amiel, the sticklike spouse of Conrad Black (aka Lord Tubby of Fleet, aka Lord Black of Crossharbour) had a bit of a meltdown in an elevator in the courthouse where Conrad Black is being tried on charges of racketeering in his looting of the Hollinger assets.

In her outburst “Lady” Black (oh the irony) called one journalist a “slut” and two others, who happened to be in the elevator when the Blacks entered, “vermin”.

Melanie Glanz, a CBC producer stepped into the elevator with the Blacks. Conrad, recognising her, asked “if she was once again going to join him in the lift and “breathlessly” relay word of his approach to her colleagues outside. That depended on whether he was leaving the building, she said.

When Lord Black said – incorrectly as it turned out – that he was not, she agreed not to follow.”

When the door opened, Amiel turned on Glanz, “You slut!” she said and turned on the two other female journalists. “You’re all vermin. I’m sick of it,” she said.

“I used to be a journalist and I never door-stepped people.” [Used to be, being the operative phrase].

I suppose when it comes to sluts and vermin, Barbara is an expert.
I, for one, will be quite glad when Black gets his just desserts, for a change. Unfortunately, they don’t have his and her suites in the US prisons. Such a shame that Babs won’t be able to join her hubby on the rock pile.

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