An Exquisite Corpse

What is an exquisite corpse? “Game of folded paper that consists in having a sentence or a drawing composed by several persons, each ignorant of the preceding collaboration…[eg]…”the exquisite/corpse/will drink/the new/wine” — excerpt from the 1939 Abridged Dictionary of Surrealism, as copied off the wall at the Art Institute of Chicago.”

What is The Exquisite Corpse? “The Exquisite Corpse game (along with some of the most influential and intriguing art of the century) was developed by the artists and writers associated with Andre Breton’s surrealist group during the third decade of the twentieth century. Those pictured above and others famous and obscure are responsible for the concept and this site is an homage to them.”

Some time ago, a number of people from the H2G2 site and I were participating in a series of projects in which one of us would create a piece of artwork and pass it along to others who would add their own touches to it. It was a lot of fun.

When a friend from YouTube mentioned The Exquisite Corpse to me, I was thrilled. I have signed up and hope that I will soon be receiving a section to work on, myself!

I can’t wait!

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