How to be a complete idiot in several easy and fun steps!

  1. Go for a long drive one day
  2. The next day, go out to a small restaurant outside of town (in this case, Amanda’s Slip, in Kemptville, about 1/2 hour from Ottawa)
  3. Spend 2 hours eating a wonderful meal while listening to a friend playing and singing, while being waited on hand and foot by a very nice (so cute and far too young!) waiter
  4. Go to pay and discover that you appear to have left your debit card at a gas station you stopped at the day before
  5. Sheepishly ask the owner (who, luckily you know, if only as a reasonably frequent parton) if you can come back the next time they are open to pay your bill….
  6. Arrive home to find your card in the pocket of the pants you had PLANNED to wear but at the last minute changed into a skirt because the waiter is so cute, though far too young….)

My only saving grace was that I had enough change to tip the waiter, at the very least…..

Yeesh! How humiliating!

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