This just in: "Toft prosecution halted, lawyer to review files"

In the last 15 minutes, this popped to the top of the news-heap.
“The New Brunswick government has stayed a private assault charge laid against former youth jail guard Karl Toft by an alleged victim and commissioned an independent lawyer to review the case.”
“Judge Graydon Nicholas ruled there is sufficient evidence to charge Toft with assaulting Fearon with intent to maim and wound between Jan. 1, 1965, and Dec. 31, 1968. Fearon had originally asked for four charges to go ahead, but the judge ruled there was only enough evidence to warrant one.”
and, today: “However on Wednesday, Attorney General Brad Green cancelled that process by staying proceedings against Toft.”
“Green said “in the interest of fairness and justice” the Fearon file has been handed over to Nova Scotia criminal lawyer Joel Pink, who will review evidence on behalf of the government.
“If he determines that there is enough evidence to prosecute, then the province will prosecute the matter on behalf of John Fearon,” Green said. “However, if he determines that there is not enough evidence and a conviction is unlikely, then the matter will be stayed indefinitely.””
I can’t help wondering if this hasn’t something to do with someone being worried about the implications of charges against a former provincial employee for events which happened during his employment….. Say, for instance, if it comes out that the Province was aware of his activities…. Personally, I smell “cover-up”.
I am such a cynic.
Why THAT could never happen, could it?

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