Democracy Platform

I came across something tonight which I have started exploring. Democracy Platform is an internet-based television platform for distributing videos. Like television, you can subscribe to channels (there appear to be hundreds, if not thousands). Unlike television, anyone can view, share, broadcast, create… their own video.

As I say, I am just exploring.

Our mission is to build an open and democratic television platform”.

Democracy Platform is developed by The Participatory Culture Foundation

What is the Participatory Culture Foundation?
The Participatory Culture Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in February 2005. We’re based in Worcester, MA, but many of us are based elsewhere. There are ten full-time staff, and many volunteers. Our funding currently comes from private philanthropists and we’ll soon be asking users for their support as well. Our mission is to build software and websites to create an independent, creative, engaging, and meritocratic TV system for millions of people around the world.”

Watching is as easy as downloading the “Democracy Player” (available for Mac, Windows, Ubuntu, Debian and Fedora). There is code available for developers, downloadable broadcast machine software — everything you need to broadcast online.

What’s being said about Democracy Player?

Want to see the future of Net video? Download the open source Democracy Player from the Participatory Culture Foundation, a renegade nonprofit code shop. The app lets you subscribe to RSS channels, download in the background via BitTorrent, and view most video formats in full-screen resolution. (The companion site, Video Bomb, offers RSS feeds for tons of clips.) With Democracy, a well-stocked BitTorrent tracker, and a little RSS fu, who needs a TiVo?- Wired Magazine, May 2006

It’s a brave new world, folks!

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