What you talkin’ about Steve? Harper "softens [?!!???] his stance" on Israel’s war on Lebanon….

“Softens”???? Yeesh….

A full 90° (or perhaps a 45°) change in “stance”!

“Prime Minister Stephen Harper softened his tone on the Middle East Friday in an interview on Quebec television, saying a lot has changed in the three weeks since he called the Israeli attacks on Lebanon a “measured response.”

“We were talking about three weeks ago when Hezbollah took Israeli soldiers hostage, and an initial response,” Mr. Harper told the TVA network in French.

“But now we have a completely different situation from three weeks ago, as I’ve said many times. We have a full-blown conflict, almost a war. And it’s hard to say whether a response is proportional to another. It’s a war.””

Stevie… Firstly, we do not have “a completely different situation from three weeks ago”. What we have now is what we had three weeks ago…. One nation bombing the crap out of a country, using highly accurate weaponry (which it claims is “accidentally” killing civillians not honing in on them — which begs the question… are the Israelis just really bad shots, do they have have really bad weapons, or simply claiming they aren’t “aiming at civilians”. Personally, I think the latter– in order to annialate a small number of “terrorists” with crude, inaccurate weapons. There is just more bombing the crap out of a progessively more wasted country.

Secondly, for three weeks now, you have repeatedly refused to change your original “assesment” (quotations for irony) of the so-called “measured response” (actual quote) of Israel to what the rest of the planet sees as a “war” (not “almost a war”… I think a few thousand Lebanese people would be pleased to argue the rather loose definition of “war” you seem to prefer over their definition. However, most of them are just a bit busy being blown to bits in an “almost war”).

…and in the same paragraph using the term “almost a war” you say “And it’s hard to say whether a response is proportional to another. It’s a war.”

Stevie… Again…. For three weeks you have been upholding your calling this a “measured response”. It wasn’t a “measured response” then and it sure as hell ain’t now. Nor, Steve, is it an “almost war”. It is a war and you have made it very clear that you support this war, no matter what you “choose” to call it.

Steve, might I suggest taking a page from your book on “running a caucus”, treat yourself like you treat your MPs, and order yourself not to open your mouth in public. It would greatly improve your chances of not looking like a complete imbecile, at best, and a Fascist, at worst. (Or a Tool, period).

P.S.: “[A]lmost a war” means as much as being “almost pregnant”.

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