The Simpsons go Bollywood!

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Robert Fisk on Lebanon

From the August 3 Independent

“The Israelis claimed that helicopter-borne soldiers had seized senior Hizbollah leaders although one of them turned out to be a local Baalbek grocer. In a village near the city, Israeli air strikes killed the local mayor’s son and brother and five children in their family….

….. The obscene score-card for death in this latest war now stands as follows: 508 Lebanese civilians, 46 Hizbollah guerrillas, 26 Lebanese soldiers, 36 Israeli soldiers and 19 Israeli civilians.” – Robert Fisk

No TV….

Our satellite dish had to be taken off the house so that they can redo the siding… I couldn’t get it aligned again and the nearest date Bell could get in to do it is Wednesday night.
I am on a strict budget… Actually have $40 until Friday and that is IF my hours got in on time (I forgot Monday was a holiday and the payroll person does that on Monday mornings). I am going stir-crazy and gas is $1.10 a litre so can’t afford to go off driving around this week. I don’t have a book to read…. well, I do but I fall asleep three words in. At least I got my room partially cleaned today. You wouldn’t believe the crap I threw out!
AND!… AND!… I have mosquito-bit toes!
I started a blog on WordPress…. Hummmm…. I don’t know…. Sure, it has a few bells and whistles that I don’t have here but you know…. It is fiddly to add videos (and I like embedding my videos… easily)…. You can’t change either the font or the font size without picking a whole new layout ( !??!???!! A basic feature on any other service). I emailed TPTB at WordPress and they seemed rather blase about that….

“I’m sorry to say there is no way to alter text size permanently. Different themes have different sizes / colours though. I shall add your suggestion for justification to the Features request list though. Sorry I can’t be more helpful.”

Since I wasn’t terribly enthralled with the selection of “looks” and I really don’t want to fiddle, yet again, to do my own HTML changes, as I have done here and with my other blogs (I never did find out how to do that on WrodPress….) I think it will merely be apassing fancy to have a space on WordPress.
I am going to email TPTB here and suggest that they add a feature so people can be notified about comments added (I get notified, if I turn the feature on but no one else can).

So, Last night, I went out, drank a tad too much, had a terrific time watching my friends in the band…. and felt like shit this morning….

Ken playing one of my favorite tunes he does (aw, hell… everything he does is great but this is a fav that he has just started playing) Tom Russell’s “Angel of Lyon”.

He is still having a few problems with some of the lyrics but his guitar is faultless….

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