Counting coups… and "Lasting Peace".

The following video shows an interview with an Israeli spokesperson, Miri Eisen, by a CNN anchor (sorry, don’t watch CNN so I don’t know who she is).

What Eisen skirts around, repeatedly, is that it isn’t Israel taking the brunt of this, though she makes references to Israeli casualties (no numbers, or course) is that Israel IS targetting civillians and it is killing far more civillians than Israel is going to ever be able to “apologise” for (this, while it is encouraging school-children to write messages of hate on the missiles destined to kill other children).

Meanwhile, our own Stephen Harper refuses to demand a cease-fire and will only settle for “a lasting peace”….. Well, Mr. Harper, what if that “lasting peace” only comes when every last civilian in Lebanoin is dead? Will you be satisfied?

What if that “lasting peace” is never achieved because as more bodies pile up in Lebanon, more angry and dispossessed people are going to take up arms against Israel…. Not to mention take their anger out on the countries who decided to “side” with Israel.”

“Lasting peace”, Mr. Harper, is only achieved by willpower and not by allowing one country to blast the crap out of another while you sit in your office with your head up the ass of Israel and the US.

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