Driving Video

Some months ago, I was contacted by a designer called Christian Marc Schmidt, who was in the process of creating a video called “Driving“.

Constructing narrative from disparate, yet thematically related elements, the basis of this piece is video footage found through Google Video using “driving” as the search query. I chose results which depicted the road from a first-person perspective. Footage matching this criteria was edited and sequenced to create a narrative spanning various locations around the world, different weather and traffic conditions, highways, country roads and city streets, as well as different times of day. The result is a commentary on the construct and use of space as defined by the path—told through the lenses of individual agents, acting independently, yet brought together by means of a single, external objective and curatorial intent.

Christian was interested in including one of my “driving” videos from Google Video in the larger piece comprised of videos made by others on the same theme. I gave him permission to use any of the videos I had on Google Video. He had suggested he might use one called “Driving Home around Dows Lake, Ottawa“. I also suggested he might choose “Tummy-button Hill, Kemptville, Ontario” or another. As it happened, he chose to use part of the latter one.
That video is now available on Christian’s website.
The video, itself, is in a series that he calls “Adaptive Landscapes

Tummy-button Hill, Kemptville

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