What I bought yesterday…..

A few weeks ago, whilst at the Ottawa School of Art, I took in an exhibit by local textile artists. A number of things caught my eye (most of which I could afford), including a pair of figures entitled “The Women” (if I remember correctly), by barbara Hamilton. I loved them and was determined to bet one. Luckily, they were within a budget I could afford and I was able to get one. I picked it up yesterday!

As some of you may know, I love “shiny things”. A friend I worked with at the art supply store once referred to me as a “raccoon” because every time some new gold, silver, opalescent or “interference” paints* came in, I would rub my hands together with glee and I would be experimenting for weeks with them. I am also a lover of textile art…. This is the best of both, for me….

* Unfortunately, I can’t find a reasonably good image which will help describe what “interference” pigments do or look like. None of the manufacturers seem to actually want to SELL their products by giving actual images of what the pigments look like. So, I guess I will have to do that myself…
Watch this space.

Basically, Interference pigments refract light in such a way that, depending on the angle of the light, a color can appear red or green, orange or purple, and, any colours below the interference pigment will also appear differently.

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