Blog hint!

From time to time, I come across a site with some really handy blog editing hints or utilities.

Here’s one I came across a few minutes ago.

Color Blender (adapted from the ColorMatch 5K System which is, lacks the versitility of the Color Blender system).
If you want to alter colours on your blog, just cut and paste the Hex (aka Hexidecimal HTML) or Pantone colour identifyer from the colour swatch you like and past it into your code (Don’t forget to back your code up on WordPad before you make any changes!!!!!)

I just changed the colours for my links. If I can find a way of showing the actual colours, I will do so.
Link colour: #ABABC8
Visited link colour: #BB7DBA
Link hover colour: #CB36A7
Here is another colour picker system which I like. More Crayons has two utilities.
The first is a cube which allows you to select a colour-grid. From there, you can eliminate the grids you don’t want and zoom to a colour you like. It then gives you the Hex or Pantone code for the colour.
The second is a slide system more or less like the Color Blender system posted above.
Just as an aside:
There are a number of interesting sites which deal with the special problems of web-design and colour-blindness.
Colour Blindness Simulator: “Use our Colour Blindness Simulator to reveal how your images may appear to users with a variety of colour blindness conditions. Upload a JPEG image of no more than 1000 pixels x 1000 pixels (100 KB filesize or less) to see how colour blind users may see it.”
An article on webdesign from a colour-blind blogger.
Visicheck has a feature that lets you run a webpage to simulate how a colour-blind person sees it. Also featured is the Dalton-izer which “corrects” images for the colour-blind

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