It is really hot, today. The hottest day so far this season. It is always hardest on the first few hot days of the summer since they usually follow some very cold days. One day you have your heater on under your desk to keep your feet warm and the next you are wishing your company had a no-clothes-in-the-office policy.
Just walking up to my chiropractor’s office and back took just about every last ounce of energy….. and I didn’t have much to start with today. I was practically falling asleep at my desk.
I didn’t go to bed as late as I normally do but what with the heat and humidity and the fact that I had a nightmare, I slept but did not rest.
The nightmare wasn’t about anything that actually happened but revolved around my overhearing the planning of a horrific crime which was to take place. There was nothing I could do to stop it and since I was one of the people it was planned against, this was all the more horrifying. When I have no resolution in a dream, I wake up with a feeling of dread. I spend my waking up trying to figure out how I would resolve the problem no matter how ridiculous or unbelievable the plot…. It often sets me up for a bad day.
The night my father died, back in 1988, I had this really terrifying nightmare which scared me so badly that I had to go in and spend the night in my parents’ bed with Mom. Oddly enough, sleeping in the bed my father died in was less traumatic than the dream was…. I still remember the dream vividly.
My friend Bob and I were at a reception being held in a large room which was about 2 stories high with floor to ceiling windows on the south and west sides. On the north side of the room, the inner wall, there was a balcony with a long set of stairs down to the main room. Bob and I were on the balcony looking out at a wonderful sunset. There were perhaps 100 people at the reception.
Suddenly, I saw these people on stilts walking towards us from the west. Since the sun was so bright, they were only large silhouettes. The stilts were several stories tall. As they became clearer, we could see that they were men dressed up as clown-kings. They were wearing these cheap costumes made from a foam…. sort of resembling a character from the old Burger King commercials. They had these huge floppy crowns on. All the people at the reception were laughing and crowding towards the windows to get a better look.
I don’t like clowns so wasn’t interested in getting up close to them.
Suddenly, they all pulled out chainsaws and started smashing through the windows and chainsawing the other guests….
Bob and I ran through a door but knew we had to get away. we went and got my car which was in an underground parking lot. We drove off but the clown-kings started chasing us. In a panic was trying to think what to do to kill them, when I woke up
I was so terrified that I went in to sleep with Mom. I spent quite a long time trying to get back to sleep…. Of course, it didn’t matter since it was a dream but I kept trying to think “How would I kill them?????”. Finally, I realized I could simply knock them off their stilts with my car and then run them over. I fell asleep hoping I could get back into my dream so I could do that. I don’t think I actually did but I can still recall the colour of the clown-kings’ costumes and the vivid sunset.

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