The Skull Buckle Bunnies

Cat and I went out on Friday night to see the guys play.
Despite the fact that Kelly’s has been remodelled and the “stage” is now the former cloak closet and is really no bigger (I asked the guys if they needed be to get them a box of moth-balls). Despite the fact that Ken was jammed in against the stairs, behind a pillar, and if one of them turned suddenly, they threatened to either cause a chain-reaction of eye-putting-out or all fall over like dominos, they managed to pull of a really great show. A great time was had by all!
While we were there, this guy came up and, I am not sure why, asked if he use my camera and could take my photo. I was a little taken aback, since one usually doesn’t have complete strangers ask to take your photo for you unless they plan to run off with your camera. However, he is apparently one of the regulars and, as Kathy told us “likes to charm the ladies”, so I let him take a couple of photos. I set the camera up and I was really surprised to find that the result was one of the best photos of me ever!

Cat and Anneke… Skull-Bunnies

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