Ken and Rob at Amanda’s Slip

Cat and I went out to see Ken and Rob playing at Amanda’s Slip. It’s the first time I have seen Rob and Ken playing together without Ray. It is always such a pleasure to see any of the three play (and the full band, of course) because there is such a great dynamic between any two and all of them.

I am also getting to hear more and more original songs, especially from Ken, who has apparently written about 100 songs. So far, I have heard 4 of his, I think. I am looking forward to hearing them all, eventually. (hint, hint, Ken 🙂 )

Ken singing “Angel of lyon” (Tom Russell). All I can say is… Wow! It is one of my favorite songs

Ken sings his song “This Train Goes Home”. (sorry, there is a chunk missing ’cause my battery ran out at the beginning).

Rob Singing “Wilder Than Her” (Fred Eaglesmith). I am constantly surprised by a new song, consumately done by them.

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