Cool stuff: 8th International Collage Exhibition & Exchange

I had posted something about a collage artist sometime ago (perhaps it was on one of my other blogs?). In revisiting her work, I followed the links to the 8th International Collage Exhibition & Exchange collection.

I am a big fan of collage and assemblage art and have been since I was a kid. I think the first time I saw such work was at the National Gallery of Canada as a child. I have sort of dabbled in is and really should start doing more. I have cabinets full of objects and containers which I have collected to creat works but not really done much with them.

A few of the pieces I have done are:

“June Bride” © Anneke Dubash, 1998

“Insect” © Anneke Dubash, 2001

“Memento Morii” © Anneke Dubash, 1999

“Untitled”© Anneke Dubash, 2001

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