Questionable decision by Google to "Tailor" Itself to Chinese Government Policy

Google has made the decision to “tailor” their China news and search pages to fall in line with Chinese Government policy. This means that any dissenting voices will be eliminated from searches, news will conform to Government policy, and going against its own fine “Ten Things” principals.

“Google has custom built a web search platform that blocks access to unbiased information about Tibet, human rights and other topics sensitive to Beijing. In doing so, Google isn’t just helping the Chinese authorities by censoring “sensitive topics,” it is enabling the Chinese government’s propaganda by returning search results tailored to Beijing’s repressive policies. For example, searching on “Dalai Lama” will only bring results portraying him as a “splittist.””

Please take the time to fill out an online letter of protest to Google’s corporate heads (one button sends a letter to all parties instantly) expressing your concern over this travesty!

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