Free Tibet Campaign and the Bejing Olympics in 2008

China will be hosting the 2008 Olympics.

Join the Free Tibet Campaign to bring attention to China’s human rights violations.

“We are opposed to Beijing hosting the 2008 Olympic Games, and deeply regret the decision by the International Olympic Committee in 2001 to award the Olympics to China. The same regime that brutally oppresses the people in occupied Tibet and is responsible for executions and continued human rights violations in China, has been given by the IOC a huge opportunity to showcase themselves as respectable political leaders. Tibetans and their supporters oppose the 2008 Games in Beijing and say “no” to this lie: There should be no Olympics in China until Tibet is free!

We will step up our campaign against the 2008 Games in the coming years and will voice our protest in Beijing.”

campaignvideo (.mpg)

Free Tibet Campaign and the Bejing Olympics in 2008

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